FAQ for Doctoral Consortium
Question: I am a US student studying outside the US. Can I apply for the scholarships for the US students?
Answer: Yes.
Question: I am a non-US student studying at a university in the US. Can I apply for a scholarship for the US students?
Answer: Yes. The eligibility is for full-time students attending a university in the US.
Question: I am a non-US students studying outside the US. Can I apply for a scholarship?
Answer: Yes. You can apply for a IJCAI scholarship (deadline April 7). Your chances of receiving a scholarship will increase if you have a publication accepted at IJCAI, either a paper in the main conference, or an extended abstract at the doctoral consortium, or a paper at a workshop. So, start writing!
Question: Do I have to write an extended abstract on my research to apply for admission to the doctoral consortium?
Answer: Yes. The submission of an abstract is required, but you can attend the doctoral consortium even if your abstract is not accepted for publication. The abstract will help in dividing the students in small groups by research topics. It is also a good opportunity to get feedback on your work.
Question: I am interested in applying for an extended visit to a European lab but I do not want to attend IJCAI. Can I apply?
Answer: No. Extended visits will be funded in conjunction with attendance to IJCAI. Students who participate in the extended visit program will report on their experience at the doctoral consortium at IJCAI.
Question: I am interested in an extended visit but I have already worked in a European Lab and I want to go there. Can I apply?
Answer: Yes. However, be advised that the purpose of the extended visits is to increase cooperation between US and European research groups, so applications that will create new cooperations are preferred.
Question: I am interested in an extended visit but I am non a US citizen. Can I apply?
Answer: Yes, but preference will be given to full-time students who are US citizens or permanent residents.
Question: I am interested in the doctoral consortium but I do not need funding. Can I apply?
Answer: Yes. The application for the doctoral consortium does not require an application for a scholarship.
Question: Shall I include author names in the extended abstract?
Yes, the review is not double blind, so author names should be included.
Question: Can the extended abstract have multiple authors?
Answer: Yes. In the spirit of the doctoral consortium, the first author has to be to student's whose dissertation work is described. The advisor(s) can also be listed as coauthor(s).
Question: How do I submit the documents I need to include with my extended abstract?
Answer: Make a single pdf file with all the material and upload it to the easychair web site. When you submit, in the space for title and abstract please check the button for Extended abstract, CV, and other material (single file). If you need to submit a letter of recommendation from the advisor (for the US students applying for travel funds) ask the advisor to submit the letter directly to the easychair site, indicating your name in the space for the abstract and checking the button for Letter of reference.