AI Social Network

The goal of the AISN PROJECT is to make all the material related to the IJCAI conferences (papers, slides, presentations, ...) more readily available to the AI Community. The first steps in this project are:


1. Make the papers of all the IJCAI conferences (which have been on line on the IJCAI site since IJCAI 2005 in Hyderabad) more easily available, and searchable via high quality metadata and a smarter search.


2. Make the public data of the IJCAI events (and, in particular of IJCAI 2011 in Barcelona) more easily available to the AI community, during and after the conference itself. These data include all the scientific material namely, as from above, papers, slides, presentation, but also information about the organization of the conference (sessions, talks) and about the participants (only those who explicitly agree to be listed as such on the site).


This is only a first experiment. And these are very first steps. If successful, we plan to iterate this experiment also for the future IJCAI editions and possibly for other interested AI conferences.


The AISN PROJECT is sponsored and partially supported by the AI Journal and the IJCAI Organization, and it is carried out by the Knowdive Group under the direction of Fausto Giunchiglia.


The AISN Project Team (all addresses are unless noted):


Fausto Giuchiglia (project coordinator)

Ronald Chenu-Abente (project leader)

Marco Albarelli

Antonella De Angeli (user-experience coordinator)

Pil Ho Kim

Semion Lapin

Maria Menendez

Elena Pavan

Gaia Trecarichi

Denis Vasilevsky


For further information visit the project's web site.