Multi-perspective linking of news articles within a repository
Arpit Khurdiya, Lipika Dey, Nidhi Raj and Mirajul Haque
Staying updated on all the key news reported across the world is a necessity for analysts who analyze these events to predict their political, financial or social impacts on society. Given the number of online sources for news, the volumes of news generated are so daunting that gaining insight from these collections become impossible without some aid to group and link them together. In the past, there has been work on designing Ontology based tagging systems to help in automated linking by searching for related news articles while a new article is uploaded. Google news effectively provides a single view of an incident by grouping relevant news articles gathered from multiple sources. But analysts often need to analyze current news in the context of past events, which are no more available on the web. Semantic linking of news articles facilitates grouping of similar or relevant news stories together for ease of human consumption. A primary requirement here is to link semantically or contextually related news articles, even if they do not present the same story. For example, a political analyst may like to have a single view of all news articles that report visits of State heads of different countries to a single country to make an in-depth analytical report on the possible impacts of all associated events. It is likely that no news source links all the relevant news together. In this paper, we discuss a multi-resolution, multi-perspective news analysis system that can link news articles collected from diverse sources over a period of time. The key distinguishing feature of the proposed news linking system from its predecessors lies in the capability to simultaneously link news articles and stories at multiple levels of granularity. At the lowest level several articles reporting the same event are linked together. Higher level groupings are more contextual and semantic. While the underlying algorithms for linking are purely statistical in nature, news presentatio