A System for providing Differentiated QoS in Retail Banking
Sameep Mehta
In today's services driven economic environment, it is imperative for organizations to provide {\it better} quality service experience to differentiate and grow their business. Customer satisfaction (C-SAT) is the key driver for retention and growth in Retail Banking. {\em Wait time}, the time spent by a customer at the branch before getting serviced, contributes significantly to C-SAT. Due to high footfall, it is improbable to improve the wait time of every customer walking in the branch. Therefore, banks in developing countries are strategically looking to segment its customers and services and offer differentiated QoS based service delivery. In this work, we present a system for customer segmentation, and scheduling based on historic value of the customer and characteristics of current service request. We describe the system and give mathematical formulation of the scheduling problem and the associated heuristics. We present results and experience of deployment of this solution in multiple branches of a leading bank in India.