Fusion of Multiple Features and Supervised Learning for Chinese OOV Term Detection and POS Guessing
Yuejie Zhang, Lei Cen, Wei Wu, Cheng Jin and Xiangyang Xue
In this paper, to support more precise Chinese Out-of-Vocabulary (OOV) term detection and Part-of-Speech (POS) guessing, a unified mechanism is proposed and formulated based on the fusion of multiple features and supervised learning. Besides all the traditional features, the new features for statistical information and global contexts are introduced, as well as some constraints and heuristic rules, which reveal the relationships among OOV term candidates. Our experiments on the Chinese corpora from both People’s Daily and SIGHAN 2005 have achieved the consistent results, which are better than those acquired by pure rule-based or statistics-based models. From the experimental results for combining our model with Chinese mono-lingual retrieval on the data sets of TREC-9, it is found that the obvious improvement for the retrieval performance can also be obtained.