Minimization for Generalized Boolean Formulas
Edith Hemaspaandra and Henning Schnoor
The minimization problem for propositional formulas is an important optimization problem in the second level of the polynomial hierarchy. In general, the problem is Sigma_2-complete under Turing reductions, but restricted versions are tractable. We study the complexity of minimization for formulas in two established frameworks for restricted propositional logic: The Post framework allowing arbitrarily nested formulas over a set of Boolean connectors, and the constraint setting, allowing generalizations of CNF formulas. In the Post case, we obtain a dichotomy result: Minimization is solvable in polynomial time or coNP-hard. This result also applies to Boolean circuits. For CNF, we obtain new minimization algorithms for a large class of formulas, and give strong evidence that we have covered all polynomial-time cases.