Accepted Papers
Special Track
A Comprehensive Approach to On-Board Autonomy Verification and Validation
Marco Bozzano, Alessandro Cimatti, Marco Roveri and Andrei Tchaltsev
A Natural Language Question Answering System as a Participant in Human Q&A Portals
Ingo Glöckner, Tiansi Dong, Ulrich Furbach and Björn Pelzer
A New Search Engine Integrating Hierarchical Browsing and Keyword Search
Da Kuang, Xiao Li, Charles X. Ling
A Real-time Opponent Modeling System for Rush Football
Kennard Laviers and Gita Sukthankar
A System for providing Differentiated QoS in Retail Banking
Sameep Mehta
An agent architecture for prognostic reasoning assistance
Jean Oh, Felipe Meneguzzi, Katia Sycara and Timothy Norman
CHIME: An Efficient Error-Tolerant Chinese Pinyin Input Method
Yabin Zheng, Chen Li and Maosong Sun
Bi-Weighting Domain Adaptation for Cross-Language Text Classification
Chang Wan, Rong Pan and Jiefei Li
Coordinating Logistics Operations with Privacy Guarantees
Thomas Léauté and Boi Faltings
Cross-People Motion Activity Recognition
Zhongtang Zhao, Yiqiang Chen, Junfa Liu and mingjie liu
Embedding Automated Spatial Data Integration in Street Surveys: A Bayesian Data Fusion Approach
Huanhuan Chen and Anthony Cohn
Embedding System Dynamics in Agent Based Models for Complex Adaptive Systems
Kiyan Ahmadizadeh, Maarika Teose, Eoin O’Mahony and Carla Gomes
Enhancing PubMed Search Results with Semantic Annotation Using Augmented Browsing
Hong-Jie Dai, Po-Ting Lai, Richard Tzong-Han Tsai and Wen-Lian Hsu
Exploiting Probabilistic Knowledge under Uncertain Sensing for Efficient Robot Behaviour
Marc Hanheide, Nick Hawes, Charles Gretton, Alper Aydemir, Hendrik Zender, Andrzej Pronobis, Jeremy Wyatt and Moritz Göbelbecker
Extending Computer Assisted Assessment systems with Natural Language Processing, User Modelling, and Recommendations based on Human Computer Interaction and Data Mining
Ismael Pascual, Olga C. Santos, Diana Perez Marin and Jesus G. Boticario
Feature Selection via Joint Embedding Learning and Sparse Regression
Chenping Hou, Feiping Nie, Dongyun Yi and Yi Wu
Integrated Learning for Goal-Driven Autonomy
Ulit Jaidee, Hector Munoz-Avila and David Aha
Integrating Learning into a BDI Agent for Environments with Changing Dynamics
Dhirendra Singh, Sebastian Sardina, Lin Padgham and Geoff James
Integrating Task Planning and Interactive Learning for Robots to Work in Human Environments
Alejandro Agostini, Carme Torras and Florentin Woergoetter
Interest Prediction on Multinomial, Time-Evolving Social Graphs
Nozomi Nori, Danushka Bollegala and Mitsuru Ishizuka
Kinship Verification through Transfer Learning
Siyu Xia, Ming Shao and Yun Fu
Learning 3D Geological Structure from Drill-Rig Sensors for Automated Mining
Sildomar Monteiro, Joop van de Ven, Fabio Ramos and Peter Hatherly
Learning Compact Visual Signature towards Low Bit Rate Mobile Landmark Search
Rongrong Ji, Ling-Yu Duan, Hongxun Yao and Wen Gao
Learning From Natural Instructions
Dan Goldwasser and Dan Roth
Learning to Identify Review Spam
Fangtao Li, Minlie Huang, Yi Yang and Xiaoyan Zhu
Mining Longitudinal Network for Predicting Company Value
Yingzi Jin
Non-Linear Monte-Carlo Search in Civilization II
S.R.K Branavan, David Silver and Regina Barzilay
Plan Recognition in Virtual Laboratories
Ofra Amir and Ya’akov (Kobi) Gal
Resource-bounded Crowd-sourcing of Commonsense Knowledge
Yen-Ling Kuo and Jane Hsu
Similarity-Based Approach for Positive and Unlabeled learning
Yanshan Xiao, Bo Liu, Jie Yin, Longbing Cao and Chengqi Zhang
Simulation-based Data Mining Solution to the Structure of Water Surrounding Proteins
Hieu Chi Dam, Tu Bao Ho and Ayumu Sugiyama
Sketch Recognition Algorithms for Comparing Complex and Unpredictable Shapes
Martin Field, Stephanie Valentine and Tracy Hammond