TitleA quantitative comparison of disclosure control methods for microdata
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsDomingo-Ferrer J, Torra V
EditorDoyle P., Lane J.I., Theeuwes J.J.M., Zayatz L.V.
Book TitleConfidentiality, disclosure, and data access : Theory and practical applications for statistical agencies

As described in Chapter 5, there is a plethora of statistical disclosure control (SDC) methods to protect microdata. This chapter provides guidance in choosing a particular SDC method by comparing some of the methods discussed in Chapter 5 on the basis of both information loss and disclosure risk. Information loss can be readily quantified using analytical measures ( either generic or data-use-specific). It is far more difficult to assess disclosure risk in a way that is both analytical and applicable to all methods. For this reason, our approach to disclosure risk evaluation is empirical, based on reidentification experiments carried out using record-linkage algorithms.