TitleUsing Symbolic Descriptions to Explain Similarity on CBR
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsArmengol E, Plaza E
EditorLópez B., Melendez J., Radeva P., Vitrià J.
Book TitleArtificial intelligence research and development (CCIA-2005)
Pagination239 - 246
PublisherIos Press

The explanation of the results is a key point of automatic problem solvers. CBR systems solve a new problem by assessing its similarity with already solved cases and they commonly show the user the set of cases that have been assessed as the most similar to the new problem. Using the notion of symbolic similarity, our proposal is to show the user a symbolic description that makes explicit what the new problem has in common with the retrieved cases. In particular, we use the notion of anti-unification to build this symbolic description.