TitleComputational analysis of intonation in Indian art music
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKoduri GK, Serrà J, Serra X
Conference NameCompMusic Workshop
Conference LocationIstanbul, Turkey
Date Published12/07/2012

Intonation is a fundamental music concept that has a special relevance in Indian art music. The intonation used by a performer in Carnatic or Hindustani music is characteristic of the raaga and intrinsic to the musical expression of the performer. In this paper, we propose a complete representation of the intonation of a performance by using pitch histograms. First, we extract pitch contours from automatically selected voice segments. Second, we obtain histogram representation of the pitch contour by one of two methods: In the first method, we consider the entire recording as the unit of information. Pitch histogram of a recording with its full pitch-range is obtained and normalized by the tonic frequency. In the second approach, the unit of information is constricted to swara. Further, the melodic context of each swara is utilized in obtaining the pitches. This context refers to the ascending/descending progressions of the given raaga, which is derived from metadata and melodic analysis. Third, from the histograms obtained by either method, we extract a set of parameters from each peak of the histogram which together describe the shape of the distribution, and thus the intonation of the corresponding swara. The proposed representation of the intonation will allow us to pursue the musically relevant tasks such as raaga, performer and instrument characterization.