Call for Workshop Proposals

The IJCAI-11 Program Committee invites proposals for the Workshop Program, to be held July 16-18, 2011, immediately prior to the technical conference. IJCAI-11 workshops will provide an informal setting where participants will have the opportunity to discuss specific technical topics in an atmosphere that fosters the active exchange of ideas. 


All members of the AI community are invited to submit workshop proposals for review. We particularly encourage submissions of workshops that focus on emerging topics and applications, on open research questions and challenges, or cross discipline topics that foster exchange of ideas between groups that might otherwise be unaware of each other's research. We also encourage proposals for continuations of workshops, which were previously held at discipline specific conferences (e.g., ICML, ICAPS, AAMAS...), and are likely to attract a wider audience. The workshop program is intended to complement the formal technical program of the main conference and to support more in-depth interactions. To facilitate these goals and in keeping with previous IJCAIs, each workshop should schedule ample time for discussions.


Workshops can vary in length from half a day to two days. However, we expect most workshops to be one day long. To cover costs, it will be necessary to charge workshop participants a workshop fee, which is separate from the main conference fee. Workshop attendees do not need to register for the main IJCAI conference, but are encouraged to do so. IJCAI reserves the right to cancel any workshop if too few attendees register for the workshop to support its running costs or if the following deadlines are missed.


Important Dates for Workshops
  • October 4, 2010 - Proposal Submission Deadline
  • November 4, 2010 - Acceptance Notification
  • December 15, 2010 - IJCAI-09 Workshop Program Announced
  • June 1, 2011 - Deadline for completed workshop notes submission to local organizer
  • July 16-18, 2011 - IJCAI-09 Workshops

Although we will not require all workshops to follow the same deadlines, for those who wish to coordinate their dates with the other workshops, we suggest the following dates:

  • November 18, 2010 - Post the Call for Participation
  • March 14, 2011 - Submission of contributions to workshops
  • April 25, 2011 - Workshop paper acceptance notification
  • May 16, 2011 - Deadline for final camera ready copy to workshop organizer
IJCAI-11 Workshops Requirements for Proposal Submission 

Proposals for workshops should be a maximum of five pages in length, and should contain the following information:  


  • A brief technical description of the workshop, specifying the workshop goals and the technical issues that will be its focus. 
  • A brief discussion of why and to whom the workshop is of interest, and of the impact it is expected to have.
  • A preliminary workshop format and a proposed schedule for organizing the workshop, including desired length for the workshop (one or two day). This should include a brief description of how the organizers intend to encourage an atmosphere appropriate for a workshop.
  • If available, a list of tentatively confirmed attendees.
  • A list of related workshops held within the last three years, if any, and their relation to the proposed workshop. If this workshop is a continuation of a workshop from a more area specific conference, AAAI or another IJCAI, please indicate that. 
  • The names, postal addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of the proposed workshop organizing committee. This committee should consist of three or four people knowledgeable in the area who do not all work at the same institution.Strong proposals include organizers who bring differing perspectives to the workshop topic and who are actively connected to the communities of potential participants.
  • The primary contact for the organizing committee.
  • A description of the qualifications of the individual committee members with respect to organizing the workshop, including a list of key publications demonstrating scholarship in the field and a list of workshops previously arranged, if any. 

Proposers are encouraged to send their draft proposal to potential participants for comments before submission. All proposals should be submitted by electronic mail, to the Workshop Chair, Adele Howe at workshops -at-, in plain ASCII text or pdf file, as soon as possible but no later than October 4, 2010. 

Responsibilities of IJCAI and workshop organizers

For all accepted proposals, IJCAI will be responsible for:


  • Providing publicity for the workshop series as a whole.
  • Providing logistic support and a meeting place for the workshop.
  • Together with the organizers, determining the workshop date and time. Note: workshop date will depend on other workshops being  held; we will make every effort to deconfict topics from similar communities.
  • Electronically distributing working notes.

Workshop organizers will be responsible for the following:

  •  Setting up a Web site for the workshop according to the template that will be distributed upon acceptance. 
  • Advertising the particular workshop and issuing a call for participation/papers. While the call should invite participation from all members of the AI community, it should also indicate how the Organizing Committee will select and limit the number of participants. 
  • Making the PDF of the whole workshop notes available to the Local Chair of IJCAI by June 1st, 2011, as well as a list of  audio-visual requirements and any special room requirements. 
  • Ensuring that the workshop organizers and the participants register for the workshop and are invited to register to the main conference. 
  • Coordinating and moderating workshop participation and content.
  • Devising a schedule that meshes with shared breaks. 
Selection Criteria and Process

The selection will be made by the workshop chair in consultation with the workshop committee. We reserve the right to recommend acceptance of multiple overlapping or complementary proposals conditionally to them being merged. The selection will take account of: 


  • Relevance to IJCAI attendees
  • Degree to which it addresses emerging trends, open problems, and new application areas
  • Fostering of cross-disciplinarity
  • Potential impact of the proposal on the field
  • Evidence that workshop chairs have the ability to effectively coordinate the discussion
  • Appropriateness of the schedule and format
  • Overall balance between depth and breadth for the topic


Please send proposals and inquiries to:

Adele Howe

Colorado State University
workshops -at-