Call for applications for the doctoral mentoring consortium
Applications are solicited from students to attend the Doctoral Mentoring Consortium to be held at IJCAI 2011, July 16-22, 2011 -- Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain) --
The IJCAI 2011 doctoral mentoring consortium is intended for PhD students who are engaged in research. The focus of the doctoral consortium is on ethics in computing research, addressing professional ethics in the entire research cycle (producing research results, writing papers, reviewing, collecting data, etc.). This program will enable the students to reflect on ethical issues and discuss them with their peers in a neutral and truly international environment. Attending the doctoral consortium will also enable students to meet and network with researchers from around the world working in similar research areas, to discuss ideas with senior members of the community, and to get advice on managing their careers.

The doctoral consortium will be held before the main conference. The exact date will be announced shortly.

Deadline for applications (1 day extension): Due to numerous requests the deadline is extended to February 9 (11:59PM, UTC-12).
Notification of acceptance: mid March 2011
Applicants to the Doctoral Consortium must submit the following materials:
1. a two-page extended abstract of the thesis research, formatted following the IJCAI formatting requirements, which describes research completed and plans for remaining work. This is an opportunity to publish your work. If accepted, the extended abstract will be included in the IJCAI Proceedings. Acceptance of the extended abstract is not required for admission to the doctoral consortium.
2. a curriculum vitae (max 2 pages) that covers background (name, university), education (degree sought, year/status in degree, previous degrees), employment, and relevant experience in research (publications, presentations, conferences attended, etc).
3. a personal statement (1-2 pages max) with a short research description and answers to the following questions:
a. have you attended previously a doctoral consortium? if yes, which one? was it useful? what was most useful?
b. have you submitted (or will submit) a paper to IJCAI or to a IJCAI workshop or to a co-located conference? If yes, where was it submitted? (If it is accepted,please inform us.)
c. expected graduation
d. type of job desired (research+teaching, teaching, research, research+development)
This statement will be used for dividing students into groups and for matching with mentors.
The material listed above has to be submitted on the Web at
Scholarships (open to students from any country) for attending IJCAI are offered by IJCAI. Preference for the scholarships is given to authors of papers accepted at the IJCAI conference. Deadline for application for the IJCAI scholarships is April 7. An announcement with details on how to apply will be distributed later.
NOTE: Students studying in the US are eligible to apply for NSF scholarships.
See application for scholarships for US students.
For information and questions contact:
Maria Gini
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota
Judy Goldsmith
Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky