Workshops venue

Workshops will take place at the Universitat de Barcelona.

The Universitat de Barcelona (UB) (Faculty of Mathematics and Philology) is a public University located in the city center of Barcelona (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 585, Barcelona).

The UB was founded in 1450 under the royal prerogative granted by Alfonso V of Aragon, although previously existed the Estudi General of Barcelona under the patronage of the City Hall whose foundation can be traced back to the end of the fourteenth century.


Unfortunately, the University of Barcelona was closed down in 1714 by the Bourbon dynasty after the War of the Spanish Succession in which the Catalans fought for the Habsburg dynasty.


The University was restored in 1837 during the liberal monarchic period under the Queen Isabel II. On its return the University was housed initially in several existing buildings: the Convent of Carme, the Royal Academy of Medicine and the Hospital of Santa Creu and Sant Pau. The inadequate nature of these premises soon gave rise to the need to construct a larger home for the University, and in 1863 work began on Elies Rogent's splendid new building, though it would not be fully completed until 1882. The construction of UB was to have major repercussions for the city, since it was one of the first buildings to be raised outside the ancient city walls.


This historic building is the one hosting the workshops of the IJCAI-11 conference. The architectural work and the quality of the building's works of art meant that the historic building was declared a national monument of historic and artistic interest in 1970. As of today, the Universitat de Barcelona has expanded to 7 campuses, offering 75 undergraduate programs, 353 graduate programs and 96 doctorate programs to over 90,644 students.



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