IJCAI-11 Banquet
The IJCAI-11 Banquet will take place Wednesday evening (July 20, 2011) at the Poble Espanyol.
Poble Espanyol
The Poble Espanyol (Spanish Town) of Barcelona is an outdoor open-air architectural museum located on the mountain of Montjuïc. The museum, with an area of 42,000 m², was conceived by architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch as a town with buildings comprising a variety architectural styles from different times and territories: from Andalusia to Catalonia and from Pre-Romanesque motifs to XVIII Century houses.
The design was made by two architects, Ramon Reventós and Francesc Folguera, and two artists Xavier Nogués and Miquel Utrillo, after a travel around Spain collecting hundreds of photos, sketches and notes. The original idea (dubbed “Iberona”) was to represent and integrate in a harmonic synthesis the main features of townships in the Iberian peninsula, by reproducing 117 buildings, streets and squares.
The Poble Espanyol was created for the Barcelona International Exhibition that was held by the city in 1929. In the context of a Military Dictatorship in Spain, Iberona (as other aspects of the International Exhibition) was snatched away of Barcelona City by the then Dictator Primo the Ribera, changed the original plan to suit his political agenda, and it was renamed “Spanish Town,” a name that has survived until today.
Destined to demolition after 6 months, the Poble Espanyol has survived as an habitable village, complete with a colonnaded Main Square, hall, streets, manor houses, a fountain, a church and a monastery; together with craftsmen and traders is today a living village.

More: http://www.poble-espanyol.com/pemsa/en.html
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You can browse some pictures of the party at the Picture Gallery.